How to Turn Off Glance in Mi: Hidden Features You Are Unaware About

Glance feature on Mi smart lock screen

Glance: What is it?

Glance is a feature that elevates your smartphone experience by transforming your lock screen into a personalised content hub. A smart lock screen equipped with Glance is more than just a protective barrier; it’s a dynamic platform that aggregates content right at your fingertips without the need to unlock your phone.

Glance is pre-installed in several Android devices, including Samsung, Realme, Mi, and Redmi, adding a layer of utility and convenience to your phone usage. While many smartphone wallpaper options exist, Glance stands out with its customisation capabilities and the perfect blend of relevant information and entertainment.

Offering a rich mix of content, Glance gives you access to news, over 500 games, sports, and entertainment, all from a single platform. The versatility of information that Glance brings to your lock screen makes it more than just a feature; it’s your gateway to a world of discovery conveniently located on your phone’s lock screen.

How does the Glance feature work?

Have you fully tapped into the features of Glance on your smartphone? If not, it’s time to discover this transformative tool. With Glance, your lock screen becomes a dynamic space that keeps you informed and entertained, thanks to features such as personalised content, intelligent algorithms, and social media integration.

But the list of features continues as there are many options to make your smartphone experience unique.

Transform Your Browsing Journey

Glance redefines your browsing experience. It offers ‘save for later’ and ‘customisation’ options and modes for saving battery and data. With Glance, you can customise your lock screen to your preference, ensuring that your smartphone becomes an extension of your personality.

Social Media Integration and Sharing

Glance seamlessly integrates with popular social media platforms, allowing you to share intriguing articles and fascinating discoveries with your friends and followers. With Glance, sharing and engaging with content becomes as simple as a single tap on your lock screen.

Intelligent Algorithms and Customisation

The strength of Glance lies in its intelligent algorithms that help you fine-tune the content on your lock screen. The result is a fascinating and relevant mix of information that makes each interaction with your lock screen a learning experience.

From Routine to Exciting: Transform Your Lock Screen

Glance is a feature that transforms your smart lock screen into a world of personalised information. With Glance, every interaction with your smartphone becomes an opportunity for discovery and learning.

The list of features: Glance in Mi

Get ready to take a deep dive into the impressive features of Glance, designed to revolutionise your smart lock screen experience on Mi smartphones. From customised content to easy accessibility, Glance is all set to redefine how you interact with your device. Let’s delve into the features that make Glance an essential tool for any Mi phone user.

Informative Visuals

Glance Informative visuals on Mi the smart lock screen

Glance offers a variety of informative and delightful visuals on the lock screen. Whether it is related to nature or technical information that will captivate your experience, also you can find relevant information that inspires you by accompanying these visuals. When you tick on the visuals, quick information will be on your screen, providing all the information about relative things. For example, if Glance shows a travelling visual, you will have snippets on the smart screen that will provide all the information about that place.

Short Story Video

Glance TV provides two-minute short story videos on your smart lock screen. You can upload your short video here or enjoy other uploaded videos just by scrolling your screen.

Availability in your language

Glance features are available in multiple country’s android devices, providing localised language settings as shut to you. Besides English, Glance offers Tamil, Hindi, Marathi, etc., languages in a “choose content language” option for your language preferences.

Live Platform

The Glance lock screen introduces a dynamic platform, breathing life into the passions and knowledge you wish to share globally. By connecting with Glance, you open up a space for collaboration and the exploration of diverse ideas. There’s no longer a need to rely solely on traditional social media channels to broadcast your unique moments, insights, or expertise. With the Glance Live feature, you have direct access to your audience, making sharing content seamless and engaging.

Multiple Categories

Glance allows you to tailor its diverse categories to your specific interests. Its offerings are neatly compartmentalised into various areas, enabling you to handpick your favourites. Whether entertainment, sports, gaming, news, gastronomy, business, travel, or music, Glance lets you curate what appears on your Mi phone’s smart lock screen according to your preferences.

Role of Glance Features in Enhancing User Experience for Mi Smartphones

Glance is instrumental in elevating the user experience on Mi smartphones. It offers users a visually engaging and informative welcome right on their lock screen. These features provide a streamlined, intuitive way to enjoy a variety of categories, all without having to unlock your phone. Glance offers a comprehensive experience, encompassing everything from personalised notifications to customisable widgets.

Within your Mi device, Glance keeps you informed and connected by providing real-time news updates, calendar events, and weather forecasts on your lock screen. Its customisation capabilities ensure you receive content that aligns with your interests, transforming your lock screen into a dynamic and personalised information hub. It’s a feature that injects both functionality and enjoyment into your Mi smartphone’s lock screen, making it an essential tool for navigating today’s digital landscape. And you also have the flexibility to turn off Glance in your Mi phone for device optimisation purposes. You can also turn off Glance in Mi if you desire.

Importance of Customising Glance’s Hidden Features

Customising the hidden features of Glance on your Mi smartphone can significantly improve your user experience. By exploring these customisation options, you can make Glance work exactly how you want, serving as your personalised tool for information or entertainment.

Glance’s customisation abilities let you modify its notification settings and adjust the type of content it recommends. By aligning Glance with your preferences and tastes, you can ensure the information it provides is relevant and pleasing to the eye.

Furthermore, tweaking these hidden features lets you take charge of your browsing experience, making it more user-friendly and intuitive. By setting up Glance according to your preferences, you can easily navigate its interface and access the most relevant content to you faster. And by optimising Glance’s settings, you can avoid unnecessary distractions, streamline your notifications, and even conserve battery life.

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Turn Off Glance in Mi Phones

The decision to keep Glance turned on should be based on your smartphone needs, preferences, and the user experience you desire. However, here are a few reasons why you must not turn off Glance in your Mi Phone:

1.     Enhanced Battery Management

Contrary to popular belief, Glance, with its battery-saving features, can assist you in efficiently managing your smartphone’s battery life.

2.     Reduced Distractions

Glance provides a streamlined and curated flow of notifications, ensuring you’re not overwhelmed with unnecessary alerts and distractions, enhancing your focus and productivity.

3.     Efficient Data Usage

Glance optimises the use of data by intelligently refreshing and updating content based on your usage patterns, preventing excessive data consumption.

4.     Improved Device Performance

Glance operates seamlessly in the background, enriching your user experience without significantly impacting your device’s performance or response times.

5.     Personalised Experience

Glance can be tailored to suit your preferences, providing a personalised, intuitive, and engaging lock screen experience. If you appreciate quick access to curated content and enjoy a vibrant and interactive lock screen, keeping Glance enabled can significantly enrich your daily smartphone interactions.

Learn How to turn off the Glance in Mi: Step-by-step guide.

Even though we have listed down various reasons why you must not turn off Glance on your Mi phone. However, if you still wish to miss out on all the personalised content, here is a guide to help you turn off Glance in Mi:

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance on Mi

From the main screen of your Mi phone, navigate to the settings icon. This is typically found within your app drawer or on your home screen. Tapping on this will open up a menu where you can adjust all sorts of parameters on your phone.

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance on Mi

Step 2 of how to turn off Glance on Mi u

Within the settings menu, you will see a list of options. Scroll down to find the ‘Always-on Display and Lock Screen’ category. This section allows you to customise various aspects of your phone’s display and lock screen. Tap on this to proceed to the next set of options.

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance on Mi

Step 3 of how to turn off Glance on Mi u

In the ‘Always-on Display and Lock Screen’ section, look for the ‘Glance for Mi’ option. This is where you can control the settings for the Glance feature on your Mi phone. Once you tap on it, you will see an active toggle switch. If the switch is in the ‘on’ position, that means Glance is currently enabled on your phone. You can turn off Glance by tapping on the switch, effectively disabling the feature from your lock screen.

Step 1 of how to turn off Glance on Mi

However, we advise you to refrain from turning off Glance on your Mi device as there is a lot of entertainment and content you might be missing. Using Glance on your smart lock screen helps you find a versatile, all-in-one platform to enhance your distinctive browsing experience significantly.

Extending and Improving Battery Life by Glance

Taking advantage of the ‘Battery Saver Mode’ in Glance is a wise strategy for conserving your device’s battery life. This feature, when enabled, regulates the energy consumption of Glance, thus helping you manage battery usage effectively. Let’s walk through the process to activate this energy-efficient mode.

Step 1: Navigate to the preferences menu within Glance

This is your control panel for adjusting various settings related to the Glance feature. It’s typically accessed through the Glance main page, ensuring a personalised and optimised experience.

Step 1: Navigate to the preferences menu within Glance

Step 2: Once you’re in the preference menu, look for the ‘Glance Battery Saver’ option

This is specifically designed to moderate how much power Glance uses, thus extending the overall life of your battery. By simply toggling this feature on, you initiate a more efficient mode of operation, which can save you from the inconvenience of frequent charging and extend the usable hours of your device.

Step 2: Once you're in the preference menu, look for the 'Glance Battery Saver' option

Bottomline: Turning Off Glance is not Recommended for Mi Users

Glance, a standout feature on Mi’s smart lock screen, transforms the typical static screen into an interactive hub bursting with carefully curated content. It offers many features ranging from engaging visuals to multiple language options, short video stories, live sports updates, news, over 500 games, and more. Moreover, Glance enables the personalisation of categories, allowing users to tailor the content to their preferences, thus enhancing the user experience. All this information and entertainment are at your fingertips without even unlocking the screen – a unique advantage Glance on Mi devices offers.

Although Glance offers various benefits, it’s important to understand when and why to keep it turned on. With Glance activated, you can manage battery consumption, control data usage, minimise distractions, and optimise device performance. So, even with the option to disable Glance, the benefits of keeping it active often outweigh any potential drawbacks.

Opting to turn off Glance might result in missing out on the personalised content that keeps you informed and engaged. Moreover, Glance comes equipped with battery and data saver modes, specifically designed to counter common concerns about battery drain and excessive data usage. The feature also prioritises user security with child-lock and safety features, ensuring a secure and enjoyable user experience. Therefore, by embracing Glance, you can elevate your lock screen experience into a vibrant, personalised, and multifaceted digital platform.


Q1. What is the Glance feature on Mi smartphones?

The Glance feature on Mi smartphones is a tool that transforms your lock screen into a personalised content hub, providing access to various news, games, sports, and entertainment, all without needing to unlock your device.

Q2. How can I turn off the Glance feature on my Mi device?

To turn off the Glance feature, navigate to the settings of your Mi phone, choose the ‘Always-on Display and Lock Screen’ option, select ‘Glance for Mi’ and turn off the active button inside the menu.

Q3. Why should I not turn off the Glance feature on my Mi phone?

Glance enhances battery management, reduces distractions, efficiently uses data, improves device performance, and offers a personalised experience. Turning it off might cause you to miss out on these benefits.



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